Typically described because the “caviar of the east” or “white gold”, Bird’s Nest is an ancient delicacy that dates again so far as the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907) and is even cited as a therapeutic treatment within the tome of Ming dynasty doctor Li Shizhen, whose sixteenth Century annals of herbology is used to this very day.

The nests belong to a species known as swiftlets, a cave-dwelling fowl discovered within the tropical and subtropical climes of Southern Asia and whose opaque orbs are comprised of their solidified saliva, that hardens as soon as uncovered to air.

Traditionally it was solely imperial the Aristocracy that had the chance to dine on the broth of Bird’s Nest, on account of their precarious placements throughout the higher reaches of darkish, damp caves, and the laborious job required of retrieving them, which frequently necessitated harvesters to stability perilously on bamboo poles.
These days, ingenious and enterprising farmers equivalent to Pristine Farms, whose dad or mum firm is the most important Chicken’s Nest producer on the planet, and which was based by a famend biologist and President of the Indonesian Chicken’s Nest Affiliation, has engineered purpose-built, multi-storey homes which permits for 1000’s of swiftlets to roost in flourishing environments, away from the hazards of bigger animals who typically prey on the small birds. This observe additionally safeguards the survival of the swiftlet species, as rampant overharvesting previously meant nests have been typically snatched earlier than chicks got the chance to hatch.

Over the past 1,000 years, Chicken’s Nest recipes have been handed down all through Asian houses from era to era, as a result of perception that this healing and nutritious broth imbues the drinker with strength and beauty in addition to fortifying ladies to efficiently carry their pregnancy to full-term.

Now science has confirmed the validity of those beliefs. Chicken’s Nest is seen as a significant supply of collagen, glycine, tryptophan and threonine in addition to the essential sialic acid, a uncommon however important amino acid present in human breast milk that’s thought-about the spine of a wholesome immune system and which is useful for the neurological growth and mental functionality of preterm infants. Advantages aren’t restricted to simply throughout a mother’s pregnancy but in addition assist to hasten her postnatal recovery, by repairing muscular tissues, tissue and pores and skin post-birth in addition to serving to to revive her very important vitality.

Nor are Chicken’s Nest advantages restricted to ladies. Working as a promising antiviral agent, it enhances the immune system whereas additionally selling bone well being, aiding in blood care and restoration, and regulating the nervous system—therapeutic advantages that may improve the well being of each particular person.

Analysis from the Bogor Institute of Agriculture, a preeminent scientific establishment primarily based in Indonesia, exhibits that Chicken Nests taken from non-polluted areas present a better dietary worth and samples taken from Pristine Farm’s Bird’s Nests have been confirmed to point out a considerably larger sialic acid content material than these from some other space.

Having obtained a number of exportation certifications, Pristine Farm exports Birst Nests everywhere in the world, and their farm to desk method ensures the best degree of high quality every step of the best way. From the pristine nesting environments, to processing amenities that prioritises hygiene and precision, to their Singapore based factory that’s licensed with ISO 22000, one of many highest requirements within the meals trade, Pristine Farm’s Chicken’s Nests are freshly harvested and delivered to make sure distinctive high quality of this prestigious product.

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