Pennsylvania Democratic Senate nominee John Fetterman stuffed a merciless, conceited Tucker Carlson insult down the Fox News host’s throat on Sunday.

Carlson snidely blasted Fetterman’s tattoos as “pretend” and portrayed the lieutenant governor as weak on crime in his opening monologue early this month. (Carlson, inheritor to an immense fortune whose net worth is estimated at $30 million, additionally claimed Fetterman was a pretend blue-collar populist.)

“All of your silly little pretend tattoos, it’s a dressing up, in fact. Duh, it’s not actual,” smirked Carlson.

Carlson might hardly have mangled that assault extra. The tattoos Carlson mocked, Fetterman identified in an NBC op-ed on Sunday, commemorate folks slain in violent crimes when he was mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania.

“Tucker Carlson desires to speak about my tattoos. So let’s discuss them,” wrote Fetterman, who’s been leading in polls forward of his November election in opposition to Donald Trump-endorsed GOP nominee Mehmet Oz.

“I’ve 9 dates tattooed on my proper forearm. Every one is a day on which somebody died violently in Braddock, Pennsylvania, whereas I used to be mayor,” Fetterman defined. “Gun violence and violent crime is perhaps jokes to somebody like Carlson, however they’re very actual to folks in cities like Braddock.”

Fetterman recounted among the killings in his op-ed, together with Christopher Williams, “shot useless delivering pizzas,” and 23-month-old Nyia Web page, who was sexually assaulted by her father, then left to die within the snow.

The tattoos are “not some ‘costume.’ They’re reminders of the folks we’ve misplaced and what I’m preventing for,” he wrote.

The tales of the folks “whose lives we tragically misplaced nonetheless are with me each single day — not simply on my arm however in each resolution I make as an elected official,” Fetterman wrote. “They remind me of why I’m right here and why I’m doing this.”

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