The British monarch has had two pen-related mishaps in latest days (that we all know of), each of which had been caught on digital camera. On the primary event, he frantically urged staffers to clear further pens from his desk whereas he signed his accession proclamation.

“What the hell was that? Did you see that factor he did? He’s additionally the ruler of an animal kingdom?” Noah stated of Charles’ actions.

In the course of the second occasion, the king grew irate over a leaky pen, saying: “I can’t bear this bloody factor! What they do, each stinking time!”

“I like how Charles says the pens leak on him on a regular basis,” he added. “You’re actually the King of England, dude. When you don’t just like the pens, get completely different pens. I’m not an knowledgeable within the monarchy, however I’m fairly positive the hierarchy doesn’t go: Prince William, King Charles after which the man who buys the pens.”

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